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We follow a specific method to manufacturer the MLM products. So, when you buy our products, you will realize the best product quality.


Our company is one of the best Ayurvedic companies in India, with an exclusive range of Ayurvedic products, which are made from natural herbs.


Vedvedya is dedicated to offering its members the independence to enjoy life on their personal terms. Wellness is an excellent way to spread the wealth.

Industry EXPERTS

VEDVEDYA aims to establish itself as a trusted ayurvedic product manufacturer. When you buy our products, you will realize the best product quality

PRODUCTS What we do

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Health Care

With years of experience in ayurvedic medicine, we have developed a wide range of Ayurvedic Health Care Products.

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Personal Care

Our company offers a wide variety of Ayurvedic Skin & Personal Care Products, made with 100% natural herbs.

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Kithcen Care

The spice-box is an intrinsic part of every kitchen. Spices are like herbs; they work gently and gradually

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Home Care

Vedvedya offers personalized solutions to maintain your Home. Our high-performance formulas address the unique needs of your home.

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Oral Care

Our products use authentic herbs. Oral health and keeping our gums, teeth, and mouth healthy will also benefit our overall well-being.

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Hair Care

As one of the best ayurvedic companies in India, we manufacture a wide range of Ayurvedic Hair Care Products.

Training Programme

We plan and implement training programmes for our business associates. you will get a chance to hear the success stories of successful leaders.

Event & Seminar

Meeting new people, learning new things, and making more money in your business is all possible with events and seminars.

About Us Who are we

Since its establishment in 2004, Vedvedya Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. has become one of the world's leading direct selling companies.

Our product range is constantly being expanded by innovative products, which are manufactured at GMP and Halal-certified facilities. With every passing year, VEDVEDYA has built a network of distributors that continues to grow. if you are looking for an ayurvedic MLM products manufacturer in India, then you can connect with us without any further delays.

Since its founding, VEDVEDYA has been enriching the lives of customers, employees, and associates. To gain financial freedom, extra income, many housewives, girls, seniors, and youth are joining direct selling companies.

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Why Vedvedya Why choose us

  • We have highly professional team
    Keeping our team members happy and healthy involves taking care of their mental and physical health. To maintain a family-like atmosphere, we value honesty, teamwork, and health among all VEDVEDYA team.
  • We are commited
    You will never face disappointment once you connect with us.
  • We deliver best results
    We consider no compromises when it comes to producing high-quality products for our customers. Our top-notch Quality products can make you successful in the market.


To grow our network around the globe.


You seek out people who inspire and uplift you.

Business Associates

You can grow your business and make new friends with Vevvedya.


Our product category has had a huge impact on our bottom line.”

Testimonials What Achievers say about us!

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  • Jenny Doe

    Jenny DoeCEO

    With the growth of the internet and the growing trend of e-commerce, direct selling has become a popular business model in India. Direct selling is a method of selling products or services to customers away from a fixed retail location.

    John Doe

    John DoeBusiness Executive

    The best leaders, most significant teams, and most successful companies promote live events. Live events are either put on by the company or the top distributors. This is a substantial factor in their long-term success, in my opinion.

  • Jarvis Doe

    Jarvis DoeDesign Expert

    Direct selling method of selling is becoming increasingly popular in India because it offers an opportunity to start a business with minimal risk and low investment.

    Cyra Doe

    Cyra DoeHousewife

    Network marketing is an event-driven business for top distributors. It is a big part of their success. If you’re looking to learn about networking, then be a part of Vedvedya are an essential part of your journey.

  • Shawn Doe

    Shawn DoeBusiness Executive

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    Sandra Doe

    Sandra DoeBusiness Executive

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